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What is Almacén de Idiomas ?

An educational brand teaching languages to adults 18+ virtually with live online classes and digital materials for personal, professional, and academic development.
Classes are tailored by level, interest and age range, individual, small and large groups.

Learning languages ​​is simple.

identificamos tu necesidad

We identify your needs

We will advise you on the right curriculum through a video call.

Customized and online

Online classes are customized by level, interest, age, and group size.

un sistema diferente

A different system

Our approach involves collaboration between students and teachers/language specialists in a specific field.

¿Qué idioma deseas aprender?

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Push your limits! Start now!

Focus on acquiring basic to advanced communication skills through grammar and vocabulary.

Convertite en un Ciudadano Global.

Travel worry-free by learning language skills for making reservations, asking questions, and getting around.

Connect to the world with our services.
It's time to become a global citizen.

Be part of Almacen de Idiomas experience.

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"The classes are excellent, very enjoyable and relaxed. They make you want to take the next lesson! Totally recommended."
Nicolás Neiff
"I have my weekly classes from Portugal... the classes are dynamic, entertaining. Maria José is excellent! Excellent! Super responsible in schedules, homework, always willing and available!"
Hebe Pereyra
"All classes at Almacen de Idiomas are always of high quality and very productive, thanks to the professionalism and the high level of preparation of the teachers."
Diego Martín Cañete
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