The method

The system we have developed is based on cooperative work between students and tutors or language specialists in a given area. The interested party is advised and their needs are identified so that their time in Almacen de Idiomas, whether in the area of teaching or other complementary services, is effective. The method has its own registration with DNDA (Dirección Nacional de Derecho de Autor) throughout Argentina.

As far as teaching is concerned, the classes are customized by language level, interest and age range. The material is adapted to the characteristics of the interested party, whether individual, group or business.




Small groups (maximum 4 people).


In-Company classes for companies or offices. Live online.

We advise you on the option that best suits your needs.

Meet our team

The Team

We are a team that brings together the 5 values of Almacen de Idiomas:

  • Excellence 
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Service to others 
  • Academic achievement

We are on the right track and our internal cooperation with partner institutions or companies specialists in languages makes us part of something bigger: improving education in Argentina and the world.

Be part of our team

Frequently Asked Questions

To join, you must follow the 7 steps listed here:

1.Make contact through:

  • click on the "Contact" section and fill in the personal details and enquiry fields.
  •  send a message via WhatsApp to +5493794705450 leaving full name and email that Almacén de Idiomas will use to send the relevant information.

2.The client receives an automatic email in which he/she is asked to take a level test and schedule a free consultation by video call.

3.After the consultation, the client receives a second email from Almacén de Idiomas with the information discussed in the meeting as well as all the information related to the suggested course and the steps for enrolment.

4.The client completes an enrolment form, reads and accepts the terms and conditions of the service and makes the payment using the payment methods offered.

5.The customer sends an email to the administration with all the required information.

6.The customer receives a welcome email from the administration.

7.The client receives a fourth and final email with the access links to their classes.


The client can register whenever he/she wishes, except for the end of the year holidays when Almacén de Idiomas is usually closed for a period of 4 weeks between December and January. Classes start gradually with some timetables available between January and February, from March onwards we will extend the availability of timetables to give you more choice.

Because it is an approximation of the client's language level so that he/she can be placed in the right class without wasting time and money. The link can be found in the first contact email from Almacén de Idiomas to the client.

You will need:

  • A computer preferably, you can take the classes from a mobile phone or tablet but we consider the first option of all to be the most optimal. 
  • Notebook for taking notes.
  • Bibliographic material in digital or paper format.
  • Gmail email address.
  • Educational platform that we indicate for the class.

It is suggested that you have everything in place a few hours or days before the platforms for access to the class. In case of needing help, the client will be able to communicate via WhatsApp to our number, where he/she will be guided. It is important that this is done hours before the class in order to take advantage of it.

You should communicate via email or via WhatsApp from Almacén de Idiomas to give notice, so the tutor teacher in charge can send the contents learned in class to catch up for the next class.

Almacén de Idiomas does not refund money in these cases, so it is suggested that the client enrols and starts once he/she has the timetable available and the certainty that he/she will be able to take the months he/she considers necessary.

A refund and/or change (subject to availability of places by the company) can only be made for reasons of non-conformity associated with the academic methodology of Almacén de Idiomas, within the first 6 classes of the chosen course. If 6 classes have elapsed since the purchase, no refund and/or exchange of any kind will be offered.

The client must write the refund request from the "contact" section of the website, indicating "refund" in the subject line. This message will be received by the Academic Manager and the Administrative Manager.

To request this benefit, the client must write the message in the "contact" section of the website indicating the subject "refund", the person responsible for administration will contact the client as soon as possible.

Immediately, in a period of less than 24 working hours, the person in charge of administration will contact the client by e-mail to inform them that the request has been received and to request further information. Simultaneously the client will receive a message by whatsapp to be informed of the sending of the email so that he/she can proceed to the verification and proceed to generate a response.

Once we have received the client's response, Almacén de Idiomas proceeds to analyse whether the refund is appropriate.

In all cases Almacén de Idiomas will:

  •       inform the client of the status of the procedure.
  •       inform the client of the status of the process closure.

If the refund does not apply, the customer will also be informed by email.

- Eligibility for refunds and exchanges:

Customers dissatisfied about the teaching system, methodology or teachers

- A full refund is given if it does not meet the client's expectations within the first 3 lessons.

- A partial refund is given if the client does not meet the client's expectations within the 4th and 6th scheduled lessons, regardless of whether or not the client has participated in the agreed lessons.

Client with own problem

- No refund even if there is notice from the client, for example:

- Difficulties with the time / day assigned to the class: in that case you can request a change of time / day, subject to availability of Almacén de Idiomas.

If there is availability, it will be changed, if there is no availability the client has no possibility to receive a refund.

- The client regrets starting or continuing with the classes.

Customer overpays by mistake

- If the client overpays a fee by mistake, the excess is taken as a credit balance for the next fee.

- Once the request for a refund due to non-conformity is received, an email will be sent to communicate that we have received the notification. After 72 working hours, we will inform you of the approval or rejection of the refund.

- If it is approved, then the refund will be made and a credit will be automatically applied to the credit card or original payment method, being in charge of the financial entity to carry out the refund.

- Late or missing refunds:

If the refund has not yet been received, please check the bank account again. Then contact the bank or credit institution with which the payment was made. It may take some time before the refund is officially issued.

- These policies apply to any customer who starts a new programme at Almacén de Idiomas.

Global Citizen

From language teaching to cultural immersion trips.


Tailor-made classes for different levels, interests, and age ranges.

The right price

With fees that are adapted to the frequency of lessons taken by the student.

Own method

The method has its own registration at the DNDA (Dirección Nacional de Derecho de Autor) throughout Argentina.

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