Bio Majo Lencina

I was born in Corrientes Capital, a university city in Argentina. It is a city that offers a lot of services, places, and options for young people but has very few proposals for adults. In the years before Almacén de Idiomas was created, I wondered: How could I help my adult community? What could I offer to make a difference?

In 2015, I launched TMEC, which stands for Tailor Made English Class. It was created for adults who wanted to learn English for specific purposes, with a unique learning system. I intended to expand the program to include other languages and services in the future. 

In the first year, I had a lot of work as I focused on adults and companies that wanted to learn English but couldn't find the right opportunity. I proudly met that demand. By 2016, my reputation had grown, and people started showing interest in what I offered. So, I decided to bring in teaching professionals gradually.

Over the years, I formed a team to expand the brand image by adding other languages. To introduce each language option, I travelled abroad to educate myself and find specialists who could help me. At Almacén, everyone collaborates and works together, from the experts who advise us to stay at the forefront, to our CREW, which is the most important asset for us.

We consider that we are all essential, we know how to carry out different and complementary tasks at the same time; I feel that this is what has led us to success!

Currently, I am the CEO of Almacén de Idiomas which is already a national trademark registered in Argentina at INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) whose methodology is also protected at DNDA (National Directorate of Copyright).

If you want to know more about my professional training, I invite you to visit my profile on the LinkedIn network. There, you will find the step by step of my development and growth that has brought me here.

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