Bio. Ma. José Lencina

I was born in Corrientes, a university city focused on services, places and options for young people. In the years before TMEC opened I thought: How can I help both the youth and adult community? What can I offer that is different?

This is how TMEC was born, whose acronym stands for Tailor Made English Class on February 1st 2015, with its own system of English language learning exclusively for adults with the vision of adding other languages. That year I had a lot of work because I put my attention on adults and companies that wanted to grow and could not find the time to learn the language, I proudly covered that demand. 

By 2016, I was already known to a few in our community, but people were beginning to show some interest in what was on offer. So, together with my colleague and friend Federico Montiel we became partners to continue expanding. His contribution has been and continues to be very significant. We are united by our passion for teaching and languages.

Over the years, together with other professionals, the team was established to expand the image of the brand by embodying other languages and services. In order to add each option that is now available to the public, I did so by travelling abroad and finding out not only what I was interested in including but also looking for the specialists who could help me do so. At TMEC everything is collaborative, from the experts who assess and place us at the forefront to our own TMEC CREW, we call it that way because we feel part of it.

We consider that we are all essential, we know how to carry out different and complementary tasks at the same time; I feel that this is what has led us to success!

Currently, I am the owner and director of Almacén de Idiomas, which is already a registered trademark in INPI (National Inst. Of Industrial Property) whose methodology is also protected in DNDA (National Directorate of Copyright) in all the Argentine territory.

If you want to know more about my professional training, I invite you to visit my profile on the LinkedIn network. There, you will find the step by step of my development and growth that has brought me here.

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